Detect DNS update

Sometimes it’s a good thing to know when your DNS did the latest update.
We can check this by executing the following command in terminal.

nslookup -q=SOA

When we execute that script we retrieve the following result:
Non-authoritative answer:
origin =
mail addr = asd.asd.asd
serial = 2014032101
refresh = 86400
retry = 7200
expire = 3600000
minimum = 86400

When we transform that 2014032101 too:
2014 03 21 ::01

Drupal Webform – Add More module

Gebruik van de Drupal Webform – Add More module.

1. Download de Drupal Webform – Add More module.

2. Maak een fieldset aan met enkele velden die deel uitmaken van de group.

3. ‘Clone’ dit fieldset. Onderliggende velden maken deel uit van het clonen.

4. Klik op “edit” bij de fieldset en veranderd de “Field key” door er een nummer aan toe te voegen.
>> Verwijder spaties!

Opgelet: Gebruik geen spaties, vreemde karakters, underscores. De Machine naam moet 1 woord zijn.

5. Scroll naar beneden en selecteer ‘Add More Fieldset’.

6. In het “Display” gedeelte moet je zeker “Hide Label” aanvinken. Dit is zeer belangrijk voor de ‘Add more button’ te kunnen tonen.

7. Vergeet niet dat je velden in je fieldset indents moeten zijn.

Drupal – Hide a field from view based on user role

I created a small module where you can hide View fields based on a user role.

	*	This module is made to prevent loading fields that are defined in a view 
	* based on a user role. 
	function pdfviewrole_views_pre_build(&$view) {
		global $user;
 		// Check the correct view.
 		if($view->name == "overzicht" && $view->current_display == 'page') {
	 		// Check if the role = User Management Admin
			if (in_array('User Management Admin', $user->roles)) {
	    	// Unset the field you want to hide for this role.
	    	// In my case the field name is called: view_node.
	    	unset( $view->field['view_node'] );
				// Do nothing

Enable mail on localhost on MAMP

You can enable e-mail for mamp the following way:

1. Go to your php.ini file (mamp/conf/php.***(Your version))
2. Search for the following line : ‘sendmail_path =  … ‘;
3. Change it to the following : ‘sendmail_path =/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i -f’
4. Save your file and make sure you restart you MAMP server.

Receiving no mails?
Check out your 
spam folder.


Hello World, Cinema 4d

I always wanted to create cool 3D shit, so now I decided to start following tutorials and reading about Cinema 4D. I was looking for some good sources and found the website from Greyscale Gorilla. There are so many tutorials on this site and I started following them. Im currently a very newbie into the Cinema 4D world and would like to become a boss! I would like to show you guy what I’m currently working on. The first things are really crappy but I have to start somewhere.

The first thing I created was a tornado. It was more an experience to learn the interface of Cinema 4D. After that I created some falling cubes with an obstacle. And the latest thing I made was a rotating sphere with some effects on it.

You can see the results here. ( It’s currently looking like shit I know.)

I would like to keep updating my blog with other Cinema 4D work/crap, yes I say it again currently Im creating crap.

LungoJS a new HTML5 mobile framework.

Meet the first Mobile Framework that uses the actual features of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Core Features

  • Make Apps for iOS, Android & Blackberry devices.
  • Leverages the capabilities of current mobile devices.
  • Easy implementation of HTML5 features like WebSQL, Orientation, Connection and more…
  • Capture touch events like swipe, tap, doubletap…
  • Easy to extend with Sugars to sweeten your apps.
  • Fully customizable design.
  • Distribute Apps in Mobile Stores or in websites.